Clinical Trial Supply

Health Supplies Limitedhas a dedicated business unit for Clinical Trial Sourcing. Using our experience and established relationships with approved suppliers in the EU, USA, Canada we are able to provide a validated and cost effective comparator drugs and ancillary supplies sourcing service without compromising the fundamental principles careful handling, storage and distribution of drugs that are to be used in clinical trials.

Health Supplies limited Clinical Trial Sourcing Team is:

  1. Experts in procuring and sourcing large or small quantities of comparators and other clinical trial supplies.
  2.  Able to source direct from the manufacturer or only through other validated and licensed distributors.
  3. Able to supply to the US, South America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia.
  4. Able to supply Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Drug Pedigrees and Authentications available.
  5. Experienced in import/export and distributing products globally.
  6. Partnered with leading logistics and courier partners which allows us to efficiently get your supplies to you on or ahead of time.
  7. Licensed and approved by the MHRA to handle and distribute prescription drugs.

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